The Legend of Super Train Station H

STSH - The Website

In 1998 when I first started exploring the internet, every websearch led straight to awesome little personal websites packed with loads of unique material on whatever the specific subject was, and there would always be a links section that would send you off to a bunch of other humble little websites that you could just surf for hours.

Most of my favorite sites like this started vanishing in 2002 and they’ve become increasingly uncommon as they get buried in search engine standings by bigger sites with bigger budgets.

When I got my first internet-capable computer in January 1999, I screwed around with Adobe Page Mill 3.0 and signed up for one of those free, pop-up infested Angelfire pages, but since I had nothing to offer that other sites didn’t already have, and the amount of storage space provided to me was pathetic, I quickly lost interest.

By 2006, I had a lot of encouragement from friends and family on and off the internet who said I was crazy and creative and needed my own site, but I limited my web presence to my Livejournal account and my participation on message boards.

After the September 07 closure of the Nintendo NSider Forums which I had exploited for years as an outlet for my various talents, I knew the Age of Super Train Station H had finally arrived. In early December 07 I started writing new material and gathering up existing pieces that seemed good enough.

By mid December I was turning that content into webpages, and I finally purchased SuperTrainStationH.Com and started uploading stuff to the server on January 15th with the ambition of officially launching before the end of the month.

My goal was to put together a “modest little website” filled with a bunch of stuff I either created, have experienced, or cared about enough to share with the world. A crude chart I created with Photoshop to plan the organization of the various pages ended up becoming the basis for the site’s layout.

I chose blue and white as a throwback to interface of the the Apple //GS, one of the first computers I ever laid my hands on.

STSH - The Name

When I was in elevendyeth grade, I had this awesome astronomy teacher who would tell cool stories like about how he helped build a nuclear reactor that they were never actually allowed to turn on because the engineers would just hang round and play cards and drink beer instead of working on the reactor and didn't feel like lifting the reinforced concrete blocks they were supposed to be using so instead they just built it out of old six packs.

The reactor was deemed unserviceable the day it was completed, but they decided to turn it on for just five minutes to see if it would work or not, and because they did that, they can't dismantle the reactor for 10,000 years or something to that effect.

Anyway, one day this teacher gave us an assignment to calculate the heat loss in a model house that he gave us the plans for (because that has everything to do with astronomy). It turns out that this house was the same model house that my friend Chris was living in at the time.

When I saw Chris later that day in a class we shared, I told him that his house was called the "Extended Colonial Ranch with Attached Garage" or something like that.

Trying (and succeeding to) be funny, Chris responded with the most random, discordant, non-sequitur thing he could come up with, and the result was the following:

“So, what’s your house called then? The......super......train station......h...”

There was actually supposed to be a lot more to whatever he was going to say, but we were both so dumbstruck by that alone that we both just laughed at it endlessly and continue to do so to this day.

A few days after this somehow I ended up on Hekshano.Com and made this really freaky spam post on the site’s forum featuring a series of surreal pictures Chris made. To my complete surprise, my antics were warmly welcomed and I ended up sticking around there for numerous years. I probably would not have ended up making this site if it weren't for the encouragement I received on that forum. Thanks Icarus and all the rest.

The inside joke has survived for about six years at this point, and as an internet handle, not only did STSH coincide with my love for trains, but it was pretty unique too.

That is the story of the name.

STSH - The Guy

Super Train Station H is an American, post-teenage English Major who likes writing, video games, computers, nature, peace, truth, steam engines, liberty, natural rights, trains, old stuff, chiptune music, having fun, and stuff of that sort.

His dislikes include violence, tyranny, lies, theft, ignorance, censorship, and other things of that nature.

(those aren't sunglasses)

STSH - Feedback

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